I’ve done a lot of things and I keep running into myself again.

-Bill T. Jones


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Welcome to Whole Person Psychotherapy and the private practice of Dr. Denise Renye! You can learn about the service offerings of Psychotherapy, Relationship and Sex Therapy and Coaching.

Personal Development starts with taking a first step of exploring your options. People don’t typically seek outside help until life has become fairly unmanageable however, it can be extremely beneficial during any part of your process. 


I’m glad you found your way here. Take some time to have a look around. There’s information on each page that you may find helpful.


Psychotherapy and coaching have been shown to be effective means to help in relieving distress, changing behavior and problematic patterns, understanding motivations, and generally improving the quality of life. While individual’s results may vary, the benefits can include learning to understand and manage emotions and coming to a greater understanding and awareness of yourself and your relationships. 


While I see individuals with a wide variety of concerns, I have specialized experience and training in the areas of human sexuality and recovery. 








Denise Renye, PsyD ~ Licensed Psychologist  PSY28096