Day long Retreat offerings


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Daylong meditation and yoga offerings focus on a concept or topic an individual (or couple) is focusing on and attempting to more deeply understand and integrate. This is a blend of the therapeutic, educational and experiential. Daylongs are offered on an individual, dyad or group basis. Facilitation may be in collaboration with other providers of offerings that are complimentary. Please note that all participants must be approved by facilitator(s). All daylongs are offered in private psychotherapy or coaching office, yoga center, retreat center or nature as appropriate for the specific retreat. 

Yoga Nidra Deep Meditation Daylong

This daylong offering is appropriate for the beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioner. It will involve periods of didactic learning wherein the student/practitioner will learn about the overlaps of yogic philosophy as a way of life and daily practice, brain waves (delta), yoga nidra deep relaxation practices and meditation, and practical applications. 

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra literally translates to “yogic sleep”. It is an ancient technique that integrates the deepest state of relaxation that can be experienced while still being fully conscious. It is a process that is considered integrative deep relaxation and meditation together with alert awareness.



Practice of Yoga Nidra can induce a decrease in central nervous system agitation, increase a calmed state of being, help with any disturbances in sleep and easily be incorporated into an already established yogic and meditative practice. This practice allows for a deeper awareness of the inner world of experience and decreases identification with suffering. It is an opportunity to learn and practice to be a loving witness and to increase choice in life.


Dreamwork Integration


This daylong is more appropriate to individuals who have been in depth psychology therapy (or equivalent as per the facilitators decision). Please discuss directly if you are unsure.  

Dreams can be intriguing, confusing and alluring. They can also be deeply rich avenues to understanding the unconscious, deeper parts of the self (Self). They are a powerful form of self discovery and exploration. This daylong retreat will provide space to explore dreams and the understanding thereof. 

Experiential exercises including body movement and meditation, deep relaxation and journaling will be included. 




And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
— Anais Nin
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