Dr. Renye offers psychotherapy and sex therapy. This page and the “how to choose a therapist” page can help you learn about psychotherapy with Dr. Renye, while the “sex therapy” page can help you learn about the sex positive sex therapy offering. 

Psychotherapy can help you to make necessary changes in life, which can lead to greater success, satisfaction, better relationships and intimacy, and joy.  It can also aid you in making important connections between past experiences and present day feelings and behaviors. When you have a greater self awareness  and a better understanding of your history and past, the ability to make healthier choices in life may become a preferred way of living and being. Therapy can help you see and break patterns so you can live better!

In her practice, Dr. Renye offers therapy for individuals and groups.  She also offers workshops periodically.

Working with diverse patients  who include a wide range of ages, cultural backgrounds, orientations, and professions Dr. Renye has found that individual therapy is just that…individual.  Depending on your needs, the best practice can be discussed during your initial consultation.

Many people come to psychotherapy not knowing where to begin or what to expect. Some of the things that you and Denise may discuss include:

-How you are living your life now compared to how you would like to live your life

-How to feel the relief of moment-to-moment awareness

-The blocks which prevent you from living your life more fully

-Your relationships, what feels good and  how you would like them to be different

-The beliefs and feelings you have about yourself, others, and the world

-The connection between your past experiences and present day behaviors

-Relationship difficulties or sexual issues

-Your childhood and family background

The symptoms you may be experiencing are an indication that something within is misaligned. Denise will work with you relationally, meaning you will be curious together about this misalignment and what is happening for you. Denise values safety, integrity, and depth in her practice.   She provide long term treatment options as many individuals have found that short term therapies offer relief in just that, the short-term, but generally find symptoms returning time and time again. Individuals she has worked with  have often found doing sessions multiple times per week to be helpful, though weekly therapy is certainly an option.

Denise Renye, M.Ed, M.A., PsyD ~ Licensed Psychologist  PSY28096 

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
— Anais Nin
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